How does our recycled packaging platform work?

In the database, distributors can quickly and easily find the right packaging solution with
recycled content. The various filters allow the search to be easily adapted to distributors'
requirements or direct searches can be carried out for specific key words. The details page
then allows them to get in touch with the right contact.

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How do I list my packaging in the database?

  • Use recycled plastics from Recycling Process-certified sources in your packaging solutions
  • Allow their use to be demonstrated with Recycled Plastics certification.
  • Register as a supplier

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Where can I find certified recycled materials?

PLASTSHIP offers support around all aspects of the use of recycled plastics, searches for the right material, rapid and straightforward distribution or even the use of in-house production waste. PLASTSHIP will be happy to offer you materials that meet your requirements.


How do I certify my packaging?

PlastCert provides various certification services for the recycling sector. With the RecyClass Recycled Plastics certification, we certify your use of recycled plastics in compliance with ISO 15343 with a guaranteed minimum usage and traceability across the entire process chain. PlastCert is happy to support you based on the RecyClass Recycling Process certification.

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Our "my recycled content" platform offers a list of packaging with recycled content. It does not sell packaging, nor does it provide any price information. However you do get access to the content details of the various suppliers if you wish to contact them for further information or to place an order. 

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