Why should you use packaging made from plastic with recycled content?

Using recycled material in plastic packaging brings with it various ecological, economic and
social advantages. Investments in sustainable products and the promotion of the circular
economy enable companies to contribute to conserving natural resources, reducing plastic
waste and fighting climate change.

Sustainable use of fossil resources

Using recycled plastics reduces the volume of new plastics that are marketed, thereby preserving finite fossil resources.

Energy savings

Producing plastics from recycled materials generally uses less energy than producing new plastics from fossil raw materials. Using recycled material in industrial packaging can save energy and therefore reduce the ecological footprint.

Improvement in the CO2 footprint

By using recycled material in plastic packaging, your company is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the extraction, transport and processing of fossil raw materials. Every tonne of recycled plastic reduces CO2 emissions.

Promoting the circular economy

Using recycled plastics increases the demand for secondary raw materials and makes them more valuable. This means that recycling companies have stable turnovers and the ability to invest in better sorting and recycling processes. The circular economy is strengthened and local industry boosted.

Partial fulfilment of sustainability reporting requirements (CSRD)

CSRD reporting, which will be mandatory for listed companies from 2024 (reference year), involves collecting, measuring, analysing and communicating information on a company's economic, social and environmental impact. In the environmental section, companies must report on their performance, including their greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, waste management, use of natural resources and their commitments to renewable energies.

Preparation for the mandatory use of recycled plastics

In its draft regulation on packaging and packaging waste, the European Commission stipulates the use of 35% recycled material in all industrial plastic packaging from 2030.

With RIGK, we are supporting the use of recycled plastics in packaging to strengthen the
circular economy.
Markus Damback,
Chairman of the Management Board

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Our "my recycled content" platform offers a list of packaging with recycled content. It does not sell packaging, nor does it provide any price information. However you do get access to the content details of the various suppliers if you wish to contact them for further information or to place an order.

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